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This is a story about two families bound with their traditional culture who get their sons and daughters married start to experience social and economical problems afterwards which brings in the element of bitterness in the marital lives of the newlywed couples.

After the death of her husband, Akbari along with her granddaughter Ayeza shifts to her son’s house. She doesn’t get along well with her son’s wife. She decides to get Ayeza married to her sister Asghari’s grandson Hammad. Hammad’s younger brother Hashim and Ayeza’s younger sister Ayema also wish to get married to each other. Ayema has spent all her life with her parents as compared to her sister Ayeza who has been brought up by her grandmother. Although both Ayema and Ayeza are sisters but they are completely opposite to each other with respect to their personality. Ayeza is a spendthrift and has a habit of spending more money than she can afford.

Ayeza gets married to Hammad and takes full charge and control over his life. Their wedding takes place in a lavish setting with lots of money being spent on their wedding. Ayeza manages to separate Hammad after a while from his family which Hammad’s family doesn’t appreciate at all. As a result of this move Ayema’s and Hashim’s planned wedding enters the danger zone as Hammad’s parents do not want to lose another son. After separating, Hammad stops supporting his family financially and Hashim loses his job. Due to the already accumulated debt on Hammad’s parents they undego an extreme financial crisis. Hashim’s sister also goes into depression after her divorce. However Hashim and Ayema get married to each other.

At this stage who will bring a change and get Hammad and Hashim’s parents out of all this trouble. Will it be Ayeza or Ayema? The two sisters with complete opposite personality will come up forward and show their true colors. Who will prove to be a better daughter in law Ayema or Ayeza?

Cast: Mehwish Hayat, Mikaal Hasan, Amna, Ahsan Khan, Momal Shaikh, Hashim Butt, Samina Ahmed, Aisha Khan

Written By: Umaira Ahmed
Directed By: Anjum Shahzad
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani, 7th Sky
Fresh Airing: Monday to Friday at 11:00 pm
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Fresh Timings: Saturday at 2:00 pm

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If I have to rate this drama at the scale of 1 to 10, It has to be much above # 10. Excellent delivery/direction and the message to our nation to stick with the good values and teachings, is the key of success and a true gift for our young ones who are put on the track of hating and getting rid of our beautiful civilization and adopting punk culture. I highly appreciate Ms. Umeira Ahmad's beautiful mind and pen. Allah karay unkaa zor-e-qlam aur ziadah, amen. I also appreciate the excellent team work of producer, director, actors and GEO. I can assure the whole team of this drama, especially the writer that it is not only a great learning gift for our lost and complexed nation, but also it is the best way of convincing/saving our youth and earning God's blessing. At least the producers of 7th Sky has earned the blessings of God this time. Such dramas not only help learn good things but also can be watched with all family members with interest.
... by Syed A Zafar USA
nyc drama amina and mikal have done febulous job ... by jahanzeb
my favourite drama ... by ahsan baig
nice drama.... ... by ahsan baig
mehwish nd ahsan are my fvrt... Nice drama ... by zeshan
Bohat acha drama ja rha ha. Or ye ayeza ayema k bhai faran ka real name kia hai? Faran bohat ziada sarmad khoosat se milta ha.. Asa lgta ha un ka he bhai ha? Is it true? ... by Jia
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